Interesting Facts about the Pacific Ocean

coral reef Coral Reef

Coral reef is most commonly found in shallow areas of tropical waters in the Pacific Ocean.

A coral reef is home to many tropical fish.

Coral reefs are living creatures in the ocean, they are rapidly dying partly because of temperature change and partly because of large scale harvesting.
volcano Volcanoes

The Pacific Ocean has several sea mountains which are also active volcanoes.

"The Ring of Fire is in the Pacific Ocean and is also the largest area of active volcanic activity. There are several hundred volcanoes in "The Ring of Fire".
Ring of Fire
New Guinea New Guinea

New Guinea is the second largest island in the world, Greenland is the largest island in the world.

During the second ice age, New Guinea was a part of Australia.
New Guinea
Typhoon Typhoon

Typhoons are storms that occur in the Northwest part of the Pacific Ocean.
Typhoons are sometimes called tropical cyclones.

Usually during a typhoon or tropical cyclone there will be strong winds, rain, and thunder.

Typhoons can cause a lot of physical damage to an area.
Pacific Size
The Pacific Ocean is larger than all of the land on earth combined!

The Pacific Ocean covers 46% of the Earth's water surface

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