Creatures of the Indian Ocean

Clown Anemonefish
This fish lives in large groups in a sea anemone for protection from larger predators.

They lay eggs close to their homes on a flat surface.
They feed mostly on algae, plankton, and copepods.
Great White Shark
This shark lives in all major oceans and is very well known for it's size.

This fish preys upon most sea creatures, and because of it's great jaw it can eat most anything!
The only sea creatures that the great white shark is prey to is the killer whale and some large crocodiles.
Sapphire Devil (Blue Devil)
This fish lives among rubble and corals in lagoons and reef flats.

blue devil
When scared, this fish will hide in a hole and change it's color until it's mostly black. It will stay this way until it feels safe again.
Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin
The Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin has 23 to 39 teeth.
bottle nose

They usually eat small fish and some squid.
They live in groups of 5 to 15 dolphins.
Blue Whale
The blue whale is a mammal that filters it's food, which is mostly krill.

They lived in nearly all of the oceans before there were whalers who hunted them.
Once Whalers began to hunt them, their location shrunk to the Pacific, Antarctic, and Indian Ocean.

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Green Turtle
Like other turtles, the green turtle will migrate from hatching beaches and feeding grounds.
green turtle

The green turtle is under the endangered species list.
They live in all oceans.

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