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Josh Lambert  
The command "Be fruitful and multiply" was promulgated according to our authorities, when the population of the world consisted of two persons” W.R. Inge


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The world is becoming over populated.  We are bordering on the verge of having more people than the earth can support.  This website will address three areas of concern in relation to population growth.  It is time to understand what the human race is doing to the natural resources of the earth, the wildlife we share the planet with, and how by simply multiplying we are contributing to global warming.  It took from the beginning of time to 1950 for the world’s population to reach 1.6 billion, and in the last 50 years it has increased to 6.8 billion.  Whatever changed to make us start reproducing faster than we are dying off has impacted the entire balance of the earth.  Is it too late to stop the damage?

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How Population Growth Effects Other Areas:

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We have dug ourselves a pretty big hole, resources are being depleted, animals are being threatened, even the planet itself seems to be in danger.  With the current growth rate of the world we will not be able to maintain our way of life much longer.  The world's population will grow to 9 billion people by 2050 if there are not major changes to limit the growth rate.  Birth control, education, government policy, these methods are not surefire solutions to slow the growth down.  Maybe the power lies with individuals to stop using natural resources to the best of their ability, try to limit their dependence on fossil fuels.  I fear that the problem is an exponential problem though.  The world has seen a major rise in the population, now those same new 6 billion people are living their lives and will in turn have children, only to make the issues worse.  How do you stop the growth?