Journalism and Freedom of Press

        Journalism in Sierra Leone is not completely free, in fact, there is a law called the Public Order Act of 1965 that makes libel illegal. If a criminal charge is brought, not only can the person who wrote the article be held accountable, but also the people selling the article, the publishers, and the printers. Despite the laws against them and frequent harassment, journalist continue to write about the corruption, the government leaders, the opposition leaders, and the rebel leaders.

The Press:
                        -Concord Times
                        -Standard Times
                        -Independent Observer
                        -For Di People

-Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service (SLBS): limited coverage
                        -ABC TV: private

-Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service (SLBS): national broadcaster
                        -Radio Democracy 98.1 FM: Freetown Station
                        -Kiss FM: private station in Bo
                        -SKYY FM: private station in Freetown
                        -Radio Unamsil: UN radio network
                        -Capital Radio: private station in Freetown
                        -Believers Broadcasting Network: Freetown, Christian FM station
                        -Voice of the Handicapped: founded as an FM station for disabled citizens, but more then that listen

News Agency:
-Sierra Leone News Agency

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